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Published by Salisbury Swimming Centre : 20-08-2018

All New Ossie Swim School

All New Ossie Swim School

Swimming Australia and Belgravia Leisure dive in to a new learn to swim program.

Swimming Australia and Belgravia Leisure have partnered and engaged broader industry expertise to develop and deliver an exciting new learn to swim curriculum premised on fun, experiential and activity-based learning.

The big change in our new curriculum is the way students learn to swim.

Experiential/activity-based learning instead of traditional command-based learning.

It is a contemporary approach to teaching the next generation of kids to swim, using the base of the proven ‘swim and survive’ program.


3 infant levels, 3 preschool levels, 6 primary school levels with Optus Junior Dolphins Levels 1 and 2 forming the final two stages of this fun and engaging swimming experience.


The new curriculum is powered by Optus Splash app.

Designed to enhance the swimmer’s experience, increase communication to swimmers and their parents.

Together we hope to put the fun back into learning to swim and keep swimmers loving our sport for longer – increasing our chances of uncovering future Olympic champions.


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Exciting new learn to swim curriculum

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